Deluxe Facial

Includes: A cleanse, enzyme peel, serum, mask, which is finished with treatment crèmes and sun-block foundation


Results Facial


Free your skin with the results facial. A deep-cleansing vapour massage that is infused with a mineralishe treatment mask topped off with enriching crèmes and sun block foundation.


AH Facial

Do you suffer from acne? Then the AH Facial is perfect for you. Containing a fruit acid solution, daily mini peel powder and intensive serums. Finalized with treatment crèmes and a sun block foundation to leave your skin refreshed and flawless.

Micro- Dermabrasion Facial 

An all in one treatment that is excellent for a quick and instant youthful new look. Includes: a deep peal, vaporiser, micro- dermabrasion, massage, intensive serum, rubber mask infused with mineralishe, crèmes and sun block foundation.

 Price List

          Deluxe Facial                         45m                          $65.00              
          Results Facial            60m             $85.00
             AH Facial            60m             $90.00
                MDA            60m             $145.00
         DAV. Oz Facial            60m             $220.00