Face Treatments

IPL Beauty Flash:

A photosilk rejuvenation and restoration that leaves the skin unbelievably flawless.

Cabernet Peel Treatment

The Cabernet is the latest addition to the Naturaceutical skincare range, which packs the powerful punch of red wine. Aside from containing the natural antioxidant powers of red wine grapes, it benefits just about any skin type. As well as that, it helps moisturise and softens the client’s skin. Additionally, it renews skin cells with a short turnover of Collagen fibroblasts, which helps to remove lines and wrinkles.

Phyto-Pumpkin Enzyme

Unlike other botanicals, pumpkin contains a densely populated constellation of over 100 nutrients that will benefit all skin types. Suitable for all skin types including dull, ageing, acne-prone and problem skins


 Price List 

          IPL Beauty Flash - Face only (Skin Rejuvenation)                         60m                          $220.00              
          IPL Beauty Flash - Face + Neck (Skin Rejuvenation)            75m             $300.00
          IPL Beauty Flash - Face + Neck + Décolletage (Skin Rejuvenation)                    90m             $400.00
                Cabernet Peel (1 Layer Decolletage)            60m             $150.00
         Cabernet Peel Treatment (Red Wine Peel 2 Layers)            60m             $220.00
         Cabernet Peel (Layers Face,Neck, & Decolletage)            60m             $400.00
         Cabernet Peel Treatment (per Layer on the Face)            60m             $220.00
 Phyto-Enz Peel (Face only)            60m             $220.00